• Make Sense of your World

    Sensors can be placed inside any type of transportation, workplace or building.

  • Track Your Assets

    Manage and monitor packages, inventory, gear and equipment.

  • Provide Protection

    Monitor environments for air quality, gas levels, humidity, moisture or temperature.

  • Drive Decisions with Data

    An infinite stream of data provides real-time visibility to your operations.


Who are we

The Internet of Things

blueRover connects your Internet of Things (IOT), and monitors any work environment, asset or equipment with sensor technology.  Gather information in any space or workplace, and track assets, or monitor devices, with a real-time, infinite and secure data stream to a virtual private cloud on the internet.  

Automate your business with intelligent communications, mobile alerts and notifications to streamline your processes.  Gather strategic insights with predictive, proactive online reporting, to inform strategic business decisions designed to cut costs, improve quality, and enhance performance.

Connect your world with sensor technology in the relentless pursuit of infinite intelligence.  

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Connect Your Things

Use sensor technology and the internet, to create a secure network to monitor anything in your workplace. 

Create A Hub

Develop a secure hub to interconnect all of the assets, devices, equipment or environments you want to monitor and track. 

Analyze Your Data

Generate a real-time, secure, and infinite data stream to strategically inform your decision making process. 

Make Better Decisions

Gather key insights from your data, to make predictive, proactive and profitable decisions for your business. 

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