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K-W Companies Want to Prevent Impaired Driving

Laura Carney, 570 News
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A pilot program is now underway in Waterloo Region to prevent impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel of school buses.

Kitchener company blueRover and Waterloo company Sober Steering have launched the program in Voyageur school buses.

Sober Steering’s transdermal sensor technology has been combined with blueRover’s real time tracking and monitoring technology. 

blueRover CEO Loreto Saccucci explains to 570′s Gary Doyle Show how it works, “We have a sensor on the steering wheel, and when you grab it, it takes about 10 seconds, and what it does, it analyzes the moisture in your hands and it detects presence of alcohol. And if it detects alcohol, it won’t allow you to put the bus in gear.”

Saccucci says it does provide more of a discrete alternative to the current ignition interlock devices, “It would be very low key, very discrete, to put your hands on a steering wheel versus having this large straw that you have to blow into and everybody sees that. It’s a more eloquent and discrete way to providing that solution.”

They are still in the testing period and Saccucci says they may come across some flaws, but the system is specific when it comes to the type of alcohol it tests for, “So hand sanitizers evaporate after 10-15 seconds, and then there’s no more presence of alcohol on your hands. This system actually takes the moisture out of your finger tips and it’s in your blood stream, whereas a hand sanitizer is applied topically and evaporates, so it’s gone.”

The benefit to still being able to turn the bus on, according to Saccucci is that if the bus is full of students, you can still keep them warm in the winter months. 


K-W Companies Want to Prevent Impaired Driving

Laura Carney 

570 News