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Tech Spotlight

Cat Coode, 570 News
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internet of things

1:30-1:45 Cat Coode, founder of Binary Tattoo (

Cat is a technology lover and parent looking to help inform other parents and kids on what is responsible and safe in the online world. She will discuss the factors her and other parents deem an appropriate age for youth to have their first smartphone.

1:45-2:00 Loreto Saccucci, CEO of Blue Rover (

Local tech company Blue Rover provides a M2M (machine to machine) communication platform that collects, transmits, analyzes and displays sensory information in real time. blueRover technology can provide businesses with real-time two-way communication with embedded microprocessors and sensors.

Blue Rover has recently partnered with Telus, who is launching an online marketplace for “Internet of Things”-based solutions to help companies take advantage of emerging technology. Blue Rover has helped Telus build their marketplace platform, which is a huge win for local tech.


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Tech Spotlight

Cat Coode, Binart Tattoo

570 News