blueRover Hub

blueRover architecture is built around a main processor board and up to two adapter boards which enables the blueRover systems to provide almost any communication interface.

The following features are integrated on the main processor board:

400 MIPS low power ARM9 processor running the Linux operating system.
Base memory of 32Mbytes SDRAM and 128 Mbytes Flash Memory expandable to 64Mbytes SDRAM and 512Mbytes Flash Memory
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
IrDA (115 Kbps)
Serial RS232
USB Full Speed Host/Device interface
20 channel SiRF Star III GPS receiver that supports active as well as passive antenna.
3-axis MEMS motion/acceleration sensor
Audio codec with microphone and speaker output
Micro SD socket that can accept standard memory cards
Internal Temperature sensor
Indicator lights at the front and rear for flexibility of installation
Up to 4 SMA connectors for connections to external Antennas
Integrated power supply operating from a 5VDC ~ 17VDC external power supply
Integrated battery charger and intelligent fuel gauge for Li-Polymer battery.
Seamless switching between External, USB and battery power sources
Two expansion connectors for add-on interfaces
Two types of standard aluminum extruded enclosures depending on battery capacity and adapters: 80mm (W) x 64mm (D) x 27mm (H) or 80mm (W) x 64mm (D) x 35 (H)
Optically Isolated GPIO for sensors and actuators
Quad Fax Modem
High Voltage Power Supply(8vdc~55vdc)
Keypad – LCD Display
Physical Connections Options
Serial RS232 Interface via DB9 ( Female ) connector
Serial RS232 Interface via 10 position Hirose connector
External DC power via Serial Connectors
External power via a panel mount DC Jack
Panel Mount SMA connectors ( up to 4) for Antennas
Automotive Power protection

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